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Are You Sick Because of Mold? – Get an affordable mold damage restoration contractor

In nature, mold, mildew and fungus break down rotting organic material and enrich the soil around them, but can bring their share of issues if they grow in your home. in your home. There are a variety of types that happily live in homes. Most of these mildews and molds love wet, low-lit places in your home such as your basement or spots in your bathroom. Luckily, this type of mold is mostly easy to ignore, however sometimes a tiny spot may later turn into a big issue. Mold procreates with the use of spores released into the air and causes illness when breathed in by people with mold sensitivities or asthma. Get an affordable quote from a mold damage restoration contractor.

Household mold or mildew are not a problem for many people, but can be harmful for those with lung issues. Mold sensitivities are seen in a lot of the population and flair up on various occasions depending on the concentration of mold. Sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and similar cold-like symptoms are commonly experienced with mold and mildew allergies, making it hard to pinpoint correctly. More serious allergies may result in harsh reactions such as short breath. Anyone with asthma should be particularly cautious around high concentrations of mold as it may trigger asthma attacks. Other groups at risk include:

  • Babies and toddlers
  • The elderly
  • Immune sensitive individuals
  • People with serious lung disease

Can I Avoid Mold?

Thankfully, you can take measures around your home to kill and prevent mold and mildew. Block mold from your home altogether by periodically checking your air conditioning tray, weatherproofing and adding insulation to outside areas. Mold and mildew thrive in damp spots in your home, such as laundry rooms or basements, so regularly sanitizing these places can provide more help than you’d think. Mold and mildew do best in muggy surroundings, so keeping dehumidifiers in your home can keep the area dry, making it uninhabitable for mold.

Our team recommends seeking professional mold restoration from Paul Davis Restoration. Receiving help from a certified contractor can restore your home to its natural state, making it easier for you to take preventative measures in the future. Get a quote from a mold damage restoration contractor.

Get Affordable Mold Damage Repair

At Paul Davis, our professionals are qualified to remove problematic spores and mold quickly, safely and completely. Our team provides affordable quotes for quality residential and commercial mold repair service earning us a national reputation.

The Paul Davis staff offers affordable quotes for 24/7 emergency response and make it to your home within hours of your call. We’re trained to use state-of-the-art equipment that destroys and sanitizes the area affected by mold. We send our capable contents cleaning and containment, as well as thorough sanitation and deodorization after we respond to your home. Paul Davis works hard to assist your home and loved ones in the days after mold repair, so we also provide assistance with the insurance process. If you’ve found mold or mold damage in your home, contact the mold restoration professionals at Paul Davis Restoration. Call us for an affordable quote today!